Hi everyone!

I have an exciting announcement! Today is the release of One Night Won’t Hurt.

If you haven’t grabbed a copy, click the link and let me know what you think.

I hope you all enjoy Libbie and Jagger’s love story just as much as I did.

All love,

Libbie Taylor is on the run from her past.

Finding safety in Conifer Springs, Colorado, she tries to start a new life without the threat of her ex-boyfriend.

New phone number. New email. New job.

It was supposed to be a fresh start with no complications. That was until her snarly and grumpy neighbor, a retired Navy SEAL, came jogging into her life.

Jagger Cole can’t believe his luck.

After returning home from Afghanistan, he spends the next two years fighting the nightmares and flashbacks from his time overseas.

He’d sworn off sex. Even love. He has too many scars.

Until Libbie Taylor moved in across the street and drove him crazy with just one look in his direction.

They both want to forget their pasts. The question is, will their pasts leave them alone? Or will it destroy them before they can even begin?

Note To Reader: This book contains sexually explicit scenes intended for 18+ only. Read at your discretion.

Author: hopecarterauthor

Story-teller. Dreamer. Addicted to Pinterest. Mommy.

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