A Woman’s Demons: A Mental Health Awareness Anthology

Hello everyone!

I have a very exciting announcement for you all!

I joined a Mental Health Awareness Anthology in 2020 with the hope to raise awareness about suicide and mental health in honor of my friend who lost his life at 23. At the time, I had a different story idea in mind, but life threw a hard and unexpected curve ball in my direction in 2021.

I started writing Color Me Gray after my dad’s death to spread awareness about cancer, grief, depression, and suicide while trying to find hope and love through it all. There are pieces of them and their battles in this fictional story about a woman coming to terms with her grief and struggles with depression.

I am hopeful you all enjoy the first 15k of Color Me Gray included in this anthology.

Here is the pre-order link:

We are donating 50% of the proceeds to the following charities: NAMI and Mind.

If you are intrigued and would like a sneak peak of chapter one of Color Me Gray, follow the link below:


All love,

Author: hopecarterauthor

Story-teller. Dreamer. Addicted to Pinterest. Mommy.

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