Say I’m Still the Only One

Each road can take you either to the past, present, or future.
Which one do you take?

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to write a quick blog post and update. Finding Sage, a steamy and contemporary romance novella, will be available this Friday! Just in time for a quick weekend read. If you’re like me, I adore snowy weekends when I can curl up with some hot coffee (or tea), my Kindle, and a heavy blanket to snuggle with.

My other books are currently on sale through the rest of the week. You can find them on Amazon by following this link

I’m also happy to announce that I am currently writing a contemporary romance series based around a small mountain community called Silverjack, Colorado. The first book, Say I’m Still The Only One, will be available on Amazon this May, 2021! If you like a good old fashioned romance series with spicy love scenes that sends tingles down to your toes in the best way possible, then please hit the contact button here on my website to subscribe to my newsletter, or follow me on Facebook.

The above photo is a small glimpse into the high country where my two main characters in Say I’m Still The Only One, Sophia Lark and Dak Scott, grew up and fell in love with each other. A sequence of tragedies tears the two of them apart for six years until an unexpected homecoming reignites an old flame when a new one is just beginning…

Second chances don’t come easily when you have the past, present, and future colliding all at the same time.

Which road is the best?

Stay tuned.

With love,


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Story-teller. Dreamer. Addicted to Pinterest. Mommy.

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