Christmas Sale!

Hi everybody!

It’s a surreal feeling to be writing this post with only one month left of 2021. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for all your support over these past few months. It means the world to me. Writing has been a difficult journey since my dad’s death, but I’m hopeful that I can keep going go forward into 2022.

As promised, all my books are on sale until December 31st.

Here is the link for my Amazon Author Profile:

Then, I will be releasing Say I’m Still The Only One on January 31st– the first book in my Silverjack series. Stay tuned for a sneak peek of Sophia & Jake’s story. I promise you’ll fall in love with them the way I have.

I hope you all enjoy them.

Much love,


Note To Readers

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to everyone who has downloaded One Night Won’t Hurt. Your support is greatly appreciated– especially at this juncture of my life where I’m trying to grieve and write at the same time.

On another note, I wanted to let everyone know I am currently editing through Not So Swinger, Getting Ava, Falling For His Best Man, and Finding Sage. As much as I would love to invest money into hiring an editor, my budget is limited and I am doing a lot of rewrites/edits on my own. It’s a meticulous process, but once I’m done I will send out a notification and everything will be on sale for a limited time.

So, stay tuned. Subscribe to my blog here. Follow me on Facebook to keep tabs.

I appreciate all of your patience along this journey.

All love,



Hi everyone!

I have an exciting announcement! Today is the release of One Night Won’t Hurt.

If you haven’t grabbed a copy, click the link and let me know what you think.

I hope you all enjoy Libbie and Jagger’s love story just as much as I did.

All love,

Libbie Taylor is on the run from her past.

Finding safety in Conifer Springs, Colorado, she tries to start a new life without the threat of her ex-boyfriend.

New phone number. New email. New job.

It was supposed to be a fresh start with no complications. That was until her snarly and grumpy neighbor, a retired Navy SEAL, came jogging into her life.

Jagger Cole can’t believe his luck.

After returning home from Afghanistan, he spends the next two years fighting the nightmares and flashbacks from his time overseas.

He’d sworn off sex. Even love. He has too many scars.

Until Libbie Taylor moved in across the street and drove him crazy with just one look in his direction.

They both want to forget their pasts. The question is, will their pasts leave them alone? Or will it destroy them before they can even begin?

Note To Reader: This book contains sexually explicit scenes intended for 18+ only. Read at your discretion.

A Woman’s Demons

Hi everybody!

Today is release day for A Woman’s Demons: A Mental Health Awareness Anthology!

We are donating 50% of the proceeds to NAHMI and MIND. There is an amazing group of authors behind this anthology who put so much love and energy into this project, so please support them by clicking the link below to download.

The first half of my story, Color Me Gray, is included in the collection. I started writing this story two weeks after my dad died because I needed a way to process what I had just been through and to come to terms with another loss. Color Me Gray deals with cancer grief, death, and suicidal struggles. Please be advised of these sensitive topics. It will be released November 30th, 2022.

Each story deals with a different element of mental health and the struggles to find love through it all. A Woman’s Demons: A Mental Health Awareness Anthology eBook : Anthologies, Authors After Midnight, Black , Aspen, Fox, Embry , Carter, Hope, Feldman, J.E. , Blak, Kat, Fox, Quell T., Spain, R., Mackenzie, S.A.: Kindle Store

A Woman’s Demons Charity Anthology is focused on raising awareness and support for women winning, fighting or losing their battles against mental health one day at a time. From depression to PTSD this anthology embraces them all.

Because we support you! The survivors, the fighters and the free.

A woman’s demons will always follow her. But the love that finds her in it’s grasp will truly set her free.

Stories may contain RH, M/M and F/F. As well as triggering scenes and plots. Reader discretion advised.

Trigger Warnings

Mental health, trauma and suicide. Each individual story will have their own trigger warnings please read them before you start each book.

I hope all of you are happy and healthy!

All love,


One Night Won’t Hurt

Second exciting announcement!

This is my first romance story I’ve written since my dad died in June. I didn’t know if I’d be able to write any HEA stories ever again with all the grief and heartache I felt. It was a battle to even write 50 words a day at times.

But, I did it.

Libbie Taylor & Jagger Cole.

The two characters who got me back into writing HEA’s.

She is on the run from her past.
He is trying to forget his past.

Click the pre-order link for the full blurb: